a Portrait of Tenochtitlan | Retrato de Tenochtitlan

Sources and Inspiration

As an artist's impression, a Portrait of Tenochtitlan relies on the works of other people.
The project draws from historical sources, such as firsthand accounts, maps, and archeological evidence. It draws from academic interpretations from historians, anthroplogists and archaeologists. It draws other artists who have been inspired by the same history.

Tomás Filsinger reconciles all natures of available sources and insights into a coherent map of Tenochtitlan, and has been doing so since 1985. His work and personal input has been instrumental in the making of this project. Tomás J. Filsinger 1985, 1992, 2012, 2018, 2021, ongoing. Maps of Tenochtitlan
Scott and Stuart Gentling have studied Mexica history, and have brought it to life through sketches and paintings with an unmatched vibrancy and style. Scott and Stuart Gentling. 1991. One Reed Year / Views of Tenochtitlan (multiple paintings, sketches, and documents).
José María Velasco provides a rare glimpse into early-industrial Mexico, and shows us the valley with parts of the lake still intact. José María Velasco Gómez, 1870's. Valle de México (multiple paintings)
Paul Guinan and David Hahn, ongoing. Aztec Empire (webcomic about the Conquest of Mexico)
Diego Rivera, 1945. La Gran Tenochtitlan (mural at Palacio Nacional de México)
The countless nameless Mexica artists who captured their society in art, of which only those fragments remain that have not been destroyed.
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During the process the following people helped me by providing feedback and information (chronological order):
Paul Guinan
Michael E. Smith
Ian Mursell (mexicolore.co.uk)
Gerardo Gutierrez
Barbara E. Mundy
Tomas Filsinger
Patricia Murrieta-Flores
Mariana Favila Vázquez
José Luis de Rojas
Israel Hinojosa Baliño
Enrique Ortiz
Gina Torres-Alves
Oswaldo Morales Napoles
Aldo Sauza

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